Deutsche Dogge

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Welcome to the website of Deutsche Dogges kennel „…“.
Our kennel in monobreed.
We breed only dogs of this majestic breed.

Some information about Deutsche Dogges.
Deutsche Dogge – one of the largest dog breeds. This breed is deservedly called a giant.
Growth of adult pedigreed quality dog:
– the standard for the Deutsche Dogge female dog is seventy-two centimeters at least;
– the standard for Deutsche Dogge male dog is eighty centimeters at least.
Yes, that’s right, the above are the minimum parameters that Deutsche Dogge must comply with.
The maximum parameters for the Deutsche Dogge at the withers:
– Females – up to eighty-four centimeters;
– Males – up to ninety centimeters!
Withers – strong and muscular, with a powerful musculature of cereals, make a lasting impression when you look at the Deutsche Dogge – the Apollo among the dog breeds.
Some dogs of Deutsche Dogge breed reach a weight of ninety kilograms!
Royal exterior adds the majesty to Deutsche Dogge dogs.
Smooth and shiny coat, short, with a dense texture allows its owner to always look perfect.
Round very dark eyes are astonishingly intelligent expression.
Deutsche Dogge – is the family dog, kind and obedient.

Deutsche Dogge loves children and is particularly attached to these family members.
They are very loyal to their owners!
It should be noted that this loyalty Deutsche Dogge shows only those people who are part of his entourage.

Distrust to strangers – a distinctive feature of the Deutsche Dogge.
According to the standards of the breed Deutsche Dogge – this is absolutely not aggressive, easy to manage breed. It should have „nerves of steel“ and ability to resist any provocation.
Breed internationally recognized by canine systems.

Buy Deutsche Dogge dog in our kennel is possible by  filling in the feedback form and sending us a request.

Specify in the application name of the puppy that you liked
The puppy will be vaccinated by age at the time of sale.
The puppy will be microchipped on international standard.
Puppies for sale only with the conclusion of the contract (attached the complete set of documents).

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